Electrical Engineering

National Electric Grid of Kyrgyzstan (NEGK) – Feasibility Study: 500 kV Datka Kemin Transmission Line

Project Duration: 2008 – 2009

Auriga’s objective of this Feasibility Study was to determine the technical and economic feasibility of constructing a new 400 km, 500 kV power transmission line from the Datka 500 kV substation in southwest Kyrgyzstan to a new 500/220 kV substation at Kemin near the Kazakhstan border in Northeast Kyrgyzstan. The routing a nd design of the new line provided eventual construction of a new 500 kV substation in the southern half of the new line to connect it to the planned Kambarata Hydroelectric Project. This new line would prevent overloading of the existing south-north transmission line, which would force electricity through alternate transmission lines in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The construction of the 500 kV transmission line and one substation increased the internal power transmission capacity of Kyrgyzstan and linked abundant generation capacity and potential in the south of the country with the energy deficient north. Additionally, this expanded the Central Asia electricity marketing options.

Auriga performed the following tasks related to Datka-Kemin Transmission Line Feasibility Study:

  • Transmission Line Route Survey
  • Selection of optimum Right of Way
  • Transmission Line Path Profile (PLCADD)
  • Siting study for Kemin Substation
  • Preliminary Transmission Line Design
  • Preliminary Substation Design (Datka) and Kemin Substation


California Independent System Operator (CAISO) – Transmission Grid Operations and Congestion Management

Electrical Engineering-Substation-11
Project Duration: 2004 – 2008

Intra-zonal congestion has unexpectedly grown to become a significant problem, although normally manageable through dedication of additional Grid Operations resources, it is expected to impose additional energy costs (to the consumers) in the range of $200 to $350 M per year until MRTU is fully implemented. Under normal operating conditions, the current approach of dedicating additional Grid Operations resources to address hour-ahead (HA) and real-time problems is satisfactory from a reliability perspective. However, it is conceivable that coincident unusual events on the grid could lead to circumstances when local or zonal reliability is compromised in part because Grid Operations personnel are overwhelmed and unable to establish mitigation measures in a timely fashion.

To alleviate intra-zonal congestion problems on California’s transmission grid, CAISO retained the services of Auriga to evaluate and implement optional solutions, and recommend new market rules that will be submitted for approval to the CAISO Board of Governors. Auriga’s consultants provided Market Operations and Congestion Management support to CAISO.

Electric Power Market Auriga consultants worked with CAISO staff to develop the new comprehensive market design that will include Congestion Revenue Rights (CRRs). This restructuring of transmission use tariffs lead to the use of financial instruments such as Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs) to manage risks associated with transmission congestion costs.


Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) – Design & Engineering Services for 230 kV Substations

Electrical project-picture-3
Project Duration: 2010 – 2011

Auriga handled a series of tasks for two substations (Carmichael and Orangevale) including review of existing Single Line drawings, Control & Relay drawings, and Panels 7R & 7F drawings. Auriga’s consultants reviewed existing Breaker Failure Control & Relay drawings for Breaker 5890, Hurley Substation, Panel 33 (to be adapted to Carmichael and Orangevale Bank #1 Breaker 5930 Control design).

Our firm also performed a review of SMUD Standard Drawings: SPAC – STD drawings, prepared the following new AutoCAD drawings for “Insert Panel A”, for both substations’ Transformer Bank #1 and Breaker 5702 Controls & Relay Protection:

  • One Line Control & Relaying Drawing (1 Drawing)
  • AC Schematic Drawing (3 Drawings)
  • Protection Drawings: Differential & Over current (3 Drawings)
  • DC Control Elementary Diagrams for Transformer High side 230kV & Lo side 69kV (4 Drawings)
  • “Insert Panel A” Layout and Wiring Diagrams, including wiring to a new RTU

In addition to this work, Auriga has had a longstanding relationship with SMUD, providing Design and Engineering services, Electrical Engineering Support Services, and Telecommunications Engineering Services for the past 10 years.