Microwave System Design – SamTrans/Caltrain (Joint Powers Board)

Tecnologia delle comunicazioni
Project Duration: 2007 – 2009

The overall objective of this project was to design and implement a fully integrated telecommunications network to support the SamTrans/Caltrain current project needs and also to provide expansion capability for future requirements.

Auriga prepared a network architecture design and technical specifications for a Microwave System in the San Francisco/San Carlos/Monument Peak/San Jose areas to support Caltrain rail operations. Caltrain had recently completed the first phase of its ATCS Narrowband UHF Radio Network for the Signal Communications between the Control Points, along the Right of Way (ROW) and the base stations on San Bruno Mountain (near San Francisco) and Monument Peak in Milpitas. This base station is connected via T1 leased line to the Central Rail Operations Center in San Jose. This project completed the wireless network with the installation of a 6 GHz Wideband Microwave Network from the Base Stations to San Carlos Corporate Office and San Jose Control Center. Auriga also developed the specifications for an auxiliary maintenance communications system that incorporated the FCC-mandated 12.5 kHz digital channel format into the design.

The primary purpose of the microwave system was to improve reliability of train control and train signaling systems. Any communications failure leads to halted train operation, so reliability is the major consideration. The new microwave system is intended to augment or replace the existing SBC leased telephone lines. Control of track-side signaling is accomplished with two mountain top radio sites using an SBC Frame Relay Network. From the mountain tops, a multiple address radio system is used to communicate with the track-side signals.


Backbone Fiber Optic Network – Serbia Broadband, Serbia

Optic cables.
Project Duration: 2004 – 2006

Auriga conducted the feasibility of expanding the telecommunication infrastructure and market assessment for of Serbia Broadband (SBB), a Belgrade-based cable television operator and Internet Service Provider. Specifically, the SBB study will meet the following objectives:

  • On-Site Visit
  • Analyze market conditions for cable and telecom services
  • Recommend expanded cable and telecom service packages that SBB could offer
  • Identify infrastructure requirements to offer expanded cable and telecom services
  • Assess the technical and economic feasibility of a fiber optic network to integrate SBB operations through Serbia and Montenegro
  • Identify excess fiber optic network capacity available for commercialization
  • Develop strategies to mitigate legal and regulatory barriers to expanding current services
  • Assess the competitive landscape; identify strengths, weakness, risks and opportunities for SBB to expand their operations
  • Preparation of Preliminary Information Memorandum and Final Report


Enhanced Radio Communication System – California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Project Duration: 2007 – Present

Auriga is currently providing Independent Verification and Validation services to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) for the Enhanced Radio Communications System. The consultants assigned to this project work at the direction of the CHP’s Command staff and the State Legislature. The scope of this project is to perform technical, financial, and strategic analysis of the CHP’s next generation communications network that will replace the current system, which was installed in the mid 1980’s. Auriga is providing industry Best Practices recommendations and other confidential and sensitive public safety deliverables in direct response to senior CHP Command’s vision for future operation. The Auriga consultants are providing specific recommendations for seamless interoperability between the CHP’s network, other first responders, and public agencies as required by The Department of Homeland Security operational objectives.

Auriga Corporation is performing as the IV&V and Risk Assessment Manager on the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Enhanced Radio System (CHPERS) project. The scope of this 5-to-7 year project, valued at $492M, is to replace/enhance the radio system used throughout the state by the CHP. This project entails replacing radio equipment, antennas, towers and vaults where necessary at over 400 mountain tops, area offices, communications centers, inspection facilities, scales and in all patrol cars across the state. Auriga’s duties include defining and documenting risks on the overall project and working with CHP senior management to identify mitigation strategies on those risks. This also includes working with CHP and DGS Telecommunications Division (TD) staff to determine viable solutions for the communications upgrade.