Engineering Services Automatic Fare Collection System – San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Disctrict

Project Duration: 2007-2012


As a subcontractor to KKCS, Auriga Corporation is currently providing design engineering services to BART for Automatic Fare Collection System.

Auriga has completed Field Support for the Clipper Card (formerly known as EZ Rider Card) and finished design, fabrication and Prototype of Sound Card for BART Only Smart Card (BOSC).

Engineering and Design Services – Central Subway System, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)

Project Duration: 2010-On-going


Auriga Corporation is providing project management and engineering design services to SFMTA for Radio and Data Communications for the new Central Subway system, a 1.7 mile addition to the present transit system. Auriga is also providing facility SCADA upgrade and Control Center integration for the Muni Metro Renewal Project, on the entire system.

Both projects involve technical project management and the management of IT and CADD services for nearly 150 engineers in the various disciplines working on the design project. Both projects involve interfacing with Muni Metro operations senior management.

The Central Subway involves specialized wireless design for the underground systems. Auriga employs and supervises mobile radio design specialists for frequency usage coordination, system design and integration of communication technologies.

The Renewal project involves interfacing with operations, planning, and supervisory personnel and execution of surveys of equipment and operational procedures to compile the design requirements. Auriga is managing the SCADA redesign, installation and testing with state-of-the-art, automated control systems which include engineering project management, and cooperative planning and management with SFMTA.

Automatic Fare Collection Sysytem Requirements and Integration – San Mateo County District (Sam Trans)

Project Duration: 2008-2009


The San Mateo County District provides bus service throughout the San Mateo County and portions of San Francisco and Santa Clara counties. SamTrans is upgrading their bus fleet and the revenue collection system with a new automatic fare collection system including fully net-centric fareboxes, mobile vaults, garage servers and a Central management system. The Auriga Corporation (Auriga) was selected to develop the base system configuration, project plan and the complete system functional and technical requirements for the RFP.

The scope of services included the following:

  • Develop Objectives and Priorities
  • Needs Assessment and Project Management Plan
  • Conceptual System Configuration and Design
  • Functional Specification and Performance Requirements
  • Procurement specification and evaluation