People running the show

Our Team

Thought Leaders

Parkash Daryani


Parkash Daryani has more than 35 years of experience in Energy Management, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distribution Automation, Smart Card, Telecommunication and Information Technology systems.

Thomas R. Gibson, PMP

Vice President, Systems Engineering

Tom Gibson, PMP has nearly 40 years of experience in Transit Rail Systems involving marketing & sales, project management, engineering, manufacturing and construction.

Don Kruszenski

Director of Business Development

Don Kruszenski is Director of Business Development for Auriga Corporation, with over 30 years of senior management and project experience

Technical Leaders

Ramesh Daryani

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Daryani has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Electronic Payment Systems.

Willy Dommen

Director Technology Services

Willy Dommen, led the development of mobile and smart card projects worldwide for over 25 years. Currently he is managing the Fare and Payment Collection Practice at Auriga.

Seon Kim, Phd, P.E, PMP

Regional Manager Southern California

Dr. Seon Kim has more than 25 years of experience in Systems Engineering, including design of mechanical and electrical systems, as well as software development

Renuka Selvaraj

Senior Electrical Engineer

Ambitious and self-motivated individual with almost 6 years of professional experience, excellent knowledge of Power system and Distribution. Holds a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Beena Kalahasti, PMP

IT Project Manager

Beena Kalahasti has over 12 years of experience in information technology, serving roles such as Scrum Master, Project Manager, and Quality Assurance Engineer in the Technology, Education, and Mortgage domains.

Michael Marchand

Senior Electrical Engineer

Michael Marchand has over 18 years of experience in construction management and energy services. His background ranges from Project Manager to Senior Field Engineer, and Michael's engineering prowess ensures that our projects stay on track and flourish.

Subject Matter Experts

Ashis Sengupta, P.E.

Principal Electrical Engineer

Mr. Sengupta has over 40 years of wide-ranging experience in the engineering, design, operation and maintenance development of electric utility facilities.

Dilip Shah

Principal Transformer Design Engineer

Mr. Dilip Shah has over 35 years of comprehensive experience and is Co-Author of the reference text book on transformers titled “Transformer Design Principals, With Applications to Core-Foam Transformers”.

Anh Nguyen, P.E.

Project Manager / Senior Electrical Engineer

Anh Nguyen has over 26 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of power system analysis in real-time operation for power transmission and distribution network

Yunbae Kim, P.E.

Sr. Train Control & Communication Engineer

Yunbae Kim has over 28 years experience in the Railway Transit Industry and in-depth knowledge of CBTC and Railway Communication, Operation Center, Onboard System and Wayside Equipment including Interlocking System.