Construction Management Services, Pleasanton, CA


Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Project Duration
2010- 2012

Project Contract
Subcontractor to AECOM

Project Communications

  • Participate in pre-construction and partnering meetings, as required by BART.
  • Conduct weekly progress meetings with construction contractor.
  • Document construction progress, quality and budget, including digital photographs of key activities.
  • Input and maintain, on a daily basis, a computerized record keeping system, as provided by BAR, which documents all major project actions (e.g. deliverables, RFI, CN, and CO). The files shall be well organized and indexed for easy access. All files shall be delivered to BART at the conclusion of the project.
  • Provide assistance/ support for community relations activities.
  • Coordinate with BART operations, maintenance, and engineering.

Cost Management

  • Verify, evaluate and negotiate invoices submitted by the Contractor for payment.
  • Monitor contractor’s labor for compliance with State and Federal prevailing wage rates.
  • For design-build projects awarded prior to implementation of California Senate Bill 9 (SBX2-9), provided labor compliance services to meet California Public Contract requirements.
  • Prepare and maintain construction contract and/or full project cost forecasts and recommend methods of cost containment to BART.
  • Provided multi-discipline cost estimating, as required.
  • Evaluate changes to the construction contract for cost reasonableness and identify alternatives or methods of correction.
  • Negotiate change orders with the Contractor.