Backbone Fiber Optic Network Feasibility


Serbia Broadband

Project Duration
2004 – 2006

Project Contract

Auriga conducted the feasibility of expanding the telecommunication infrastructure and market assessment for of Serbia Broadband (SBB), a Belgrade-based cable television operator and Internet Service Provider. Specifically, the SBB study will meet the following objectives:

  • On-Site Visit
  • Analyze market conditions for cable and telecom services
  • Recommend expanded cable and telecom service packages that SBB could offer
  • Identify infrastructure requirements to offer expanded cable and telecom services
  • Assess the technical and economic feasibility of a fiber optic network to integrate SBB operations through Serbia and Montenegro
  • Identify excess fiber optic network capacity available for commercialization
  • Develop strategies to mitigate legal and regulatory barriers to expanding current services
  • Assess the competitive landscape; identify strengths, weakness, risks and opportunities for SBB to expand their operations
  • Preparation of Preliminary Information Memorandum and Final Report