Comprehensive Technical Specification For Cta’s Farebox Cash Collection System


Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)

Project Duration
2018- to present

Project Contract
Prime Contractor

Auriga providing consulting services in support of Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA’s) implementation of a new bus fare collection system. The outcome of the project is to develop a cost-effective cash collection system for buses, because 92% of the fares are paid with the Ventra card, and cash is anticipated to continue to decline into the future.

Scope of Services

Auriga’s scope of services included the following:

  • Independent review and evaluation of CTA’s current cash fare collection system.
  • Researched the farebox market place to determine features available for new bus cash fare collection system.
  • Developed recommendations for financing and other purchasing options for the new cash fare collection system.
  • Created the technical specifications for purchasing a new cash fare collection system.
  • Designed a modern farebox cash collection system (FCCS) architecture.

The Auriga team designed a modern farebox cash collection system (FCCS) architecture.  The FCCS architecture leverages modern web-based solutions, so the back-office system can evolve with the evolution of IT technology over the next 20 years, or until the farebox system is replaced.