Develop Design Criteria for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)


Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)

Project Duration
2018- to present

Project Contract
Sub to HNTB

VTA is funding and building the BART extension to San Jose and beyond.  BART will still operate the system once construction is complete.  The automatic fare collection (AFC) system will need to be compatible with the existing BART AFC system.  The challenge is to develop the Design Criteria while BART is re-evaluating the current fare collection system due to increased fare evasion.  Key tasks include the following:

  • Research the payment technology trends beyond traditional fare payment systems, including mobile phone payment applications use in other industries and mobile ticketing applications from airlines and sports venues
  • Update the existing BART Facility Standard (BFS) in anticipation of the changes to the existing AFC system and include any new technology trends that may be used for fare payment in 2026

Key Value Provided

The BSV extension will be operational in 2026.  Therefore, the AFC equipment will need to accommodate new technology, while eliminating magnetic stripe tickets.  Auriga is designing the AFC equipment functionality so Clipper 2, credit and debit card, mobile payment applications become the primary fare payment method, while minimizing the use of cash.