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Auriga corporation is currently providing services to City of San Jose, Environmental Services Department (“ESD”), for electrical engineering consulting services at the San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility (formerly known as the San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant). Auriga is supporting multiple projects which is including purchase and installing of four emergency diesel generators and decommissioning engines, upgrade four internal combustible cogenerators, upgrade a gas compressor, upgrade of VFD and soft start of South Bay Recycled Water pumping station, and providing a leadership role in implementing the Electrical Master Plan. The Electrical Master Plan involves improving the reliability of the Facility’s aging electrical infrastructure which consists of Primary Volts 115KV to 4.16 kV distribution systems, 4.16kV switchgear, 480 V switchgear MCCs, and multiple 4.16 kV generators working in parallel with the utility grid.

The scope of services includes the following:

Regional Wastewater Facility, South Bay Water Pump Station 5:

Task 1: Electrical Study of VFD to Determine Harmonics.

  • Services: Review and identify harmonics on the facility VFD’s, gather information, address linear and non linear loads for provisions to add harmonics filter.
  • Deliverable: Insuring the harmonics for frequency and balance to equipment is meeting IEEE standards. To insure VFD’s meet IEEE standards, Passive harmonics filter will be installed if necessary to offset the cost of purchasing a new VFD.

Task 2: Review Electrical project Design Drawings.

  • Services: Provide assistance in design review of ongoing projects.
  • Deliverable: Project review of electrical and instrumental drawings. Provide suggestions and identify concerns with redline corrections for review and as built drawings.

Task 3: Station 5 Pump station VFD Replacement.

  • Services: Station 5 ABB VFD’s are obsolete with no replacements available, work closely with electrical staff to address and review PG&E residential  harmonics requirements.
  • Deliverable: Review currents drives for performance and oprational standards. Evaluate the standards to retrofit with new drives from a different manufacture. Complete comprehensive report for purchasing the new VFD’s.