Pearl Harbor Scada System Upgrade Project


Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)

Project Duration
2008- to Present

Project Contract
Subcontractor to Power Engineers

Naval Facilities Engineering Command, (NAVFAC) , Hawaii retained the services of HHMI/Auriga to conduct a feasibility of consolidating two separate SCADA systems (Transdyne and Wonderware) that are currently used to monitor and control the Naval Electrical System (NES) at Pearl Harbor. HHMI is a local general contractor and Auriga is as specialty consultant for SCADA and communications systems.

The Scope of the project includes the following:

  • Conduct Field investigation
  • Determine functionality of the two SCADA systems
  • Identify the alternatives to consolidate the two SCADA systems

The Alternatives include:

  • Migrate to Wonderware platform
  • Migrate to the Transdyne Platform
  • Identify a new platform to migrate the functional parts of Wonderware and Transdyn
  • Determine cost of each alternative
  • Identify potential benefits of each alternative
  • Perform Cost/Benefit analysis
  • Recommend the most cost-effective alternative
  • Recommend strategy for procurement and implementation of the preferred alternative

Auriga performed Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) at the vendor site (Open Systems International (OSI)). The FAT consisted of following test scripts and procedures to validate the functionalities of the hardware and software systems prior to shipment and deployment of the products on site at NAVFAC, Hawaii.