Transmission Line Feasibility


National Electric Grid of Kyrgyzstan (NEGK)

Project Description
National Electric Grid of Kyrgyzstan (NEGK) – Feasibility Study: 500 kV Datka Kemin Transmission Line

Project Duration

Project Contract

Auriga’s objective of this Feasibility Study was to determine the technical and economic feasibility of constructing a new 400 km, 500 kV power transmission line from the Datka 500 kV substation in southwest Kyrgyzstan to a new 500/220 kV substation at Kemin near the Kazakhstan border in Northeast Kyrgyzstan. The routing a nd design of the new line provided eventual construction of a new 500 kV substation in the southern half of the new line to connect it to the planned Kambarata Hydroelectric Project. This new line would prevent overloading of the existing south-north transmission line, which would force electricity through alternate transmission lines in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The construction of the 500 kV transmission line and one substation increased the internal power transmission capacity of Kyrgyzstan and linked abundant generation capacity and potential in the south of the country with the energy deficient north. Additionally, this expanded the Central Asia electricity marketing options.

Auriga performed the following tasks related to Datka-Kemin Transmission Line Feasibility Study:

  • Transmission Line Route Survey
  • Selection of optimum Right of Way
  • Transmission Line Path Profile (PLCADD)
  • Siting study for Kemin Substation
  • Preliminary Transmission Line Design
  • Preliminary Substation Design (Datka) and Kemin Substation