Transformer Design Specification Review


Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

Project Duration

Project Contract
Modesto Irrigation District

Auriga Corporation is currently providing consulting services to MID to develop and update a Transformer Design Specification. This Design Specification will help to meet Transformer requirements for MID through there manufacturer.

Scope of Services:

The specific tasks for Transformer Design Specification review:

  • Gather MID’s transformer technical specifications and other requirements.
  • Review MID’s Transformer Engineering Standards which consist of:
    – Engineering Standard 62:  115-69kV 3ph/ 50MVA Autotransformer with Load Tap Changing Equipment
    – Engineering Standard 65:  69-12.00kV 3ph/ 12MVA Power Transformer with Load Tap Changing Equipment
  • Review and markup technical specifications for ambiguity (conflicts or not in accordance with industry standards and practices) and incompleteness, and discuss plans for updating the specifications with MID Project Manager
  • Update technical specifications and submit to MID for review and approval